Digital Buddhism announcement.


May take refuges in the three Jewels!

Digital Buddhism is the non-profit Buddhists group that computerizes Dharma through Internet and encourages the practice.

In the contemporary physics, scientists are seeking for the things that can interact and work together in the impermanent relationships instead of permanent things. Accordingly, the exploration objects of science is changing and is in pursuit of correlation.

Early, Buddha saw the non-duality world that are inclusive of human beings and all beings in the realm of nature is the mirror reflecting each other as the Indra net and any being cannot exist without other being based on the dignity of all individuals, "Every self is high and noble in this world". Buddha taught the connections on the basis of Karma and non-duality.

This world is one community in which every being is living together. We are urgently needed the new solidarity based on the worldview of Buddha's teaching.

Internet revolution which is called "The fourth wave" has been rapidly settled in our daily life, and it is opening the new world in which almost all human beings are tied in one space and time.

Internet provides us with all information as the equal world regardless of age, gender, race, and identity. I also use the Internet to give the information which is beneficial to human beings.

Internet that is free to exchange knowledge and information creates the active and spontaneous information giver instead of passive information consumer. Nobody is willing to give instruction and do management in the space of Internet. It is a free space which is open to everyone.

Digital Buddhism intends to secure the domain of BUDDHISM.ORG, and establish the information headquarters of each country for the computerization of Buddhism related data. It will promote the spontaneous participation of more Buddhists by conducting the systematic classification of Buddhism related materials according to the nations and providing free web hosting. It aims at cultivating Internet Dharma instructors as well as giving Internet Dharma instruction.

The International Buddhism Federation will provide people with the opportunity to participate in the information sharing of Buddhism in this era of turning point in recognition. It recognizes that letter and religion is the kernel of a culture. It will facilitate to handle the information of Buddhism and play a leading part in realizing the idea of egalitarianism, liberalism, and independence that are shared by all human beings.

The Free Web hosting Information of DIBO.

Our purpose and missions are to propagate the Buddha's teaching through the internet, perform the process of electronizing sutras and buddhist study, and help self-practice for buddhists.
We also collect and organize all of the homepages about buddhism around world.

The internet is a computer network made up of thousands of networks worldwide. Nowaday, the internet is an open cyberspace where everyone around world can get and provide information about various fields.
The internet provides lots of resources not just for passive consumers but also for active providers by participating spontaneously.

DIBO would like to provides opportunities that everyone worldwide participate in this project voluntarily. We are going to collect and organize all homepages concerning buddhist temples, buddhist studies and practice resources, so that everyone can share these online resources easily and efficiently.

This project is based on the parinciples of equality, liberalism.
We obtained the domain, We are going to build information supporting centers in every country to help organizing buddhist study and practice resources systematically.

The requirement to be our member is restricted within webpages concerning buddhist temples, buddhist studies and practice resources.

We will take all responsibility for maintenance expences for this project.
And we would like to provide domain name and hard-spaces for free if you need. But remember. Your homepage should be related to buddhist community and buddhist studies. The assigned domain names to our members belong to them forever as long as the members agree with our missions and purpose.

We are going to build information centers in every country for technical support and spread out buddhism around world more efficiently.

If you thing you can run this information center in your country, please contact us
We are going to do : 

  • Collecting research groups related to buddhism
  • Sharing information between members of countries worldwide
  • Constructing information centers in every country.
  • Help to practice and study about buddhism 
  • Recruiting administrator of DIBO in every country
  • Elecronizing buddhist study and sutras
  • Constructing buddhist temple's homepages

The free web hosting individual, group, national code domain (Buddhist site domain, representing each nation) of DIBO puts the purpose in sharing the teaching of Buddha through the computerization of scriptures, Buddhist teaching, Buddhism news, practice, Buddhism homepage directory service, and other Buddhism relevant knowledge.

National code domain is valid until the request for the return by the issuing group.

In the case that Buddhism homepage contents are poor, Buddhism irrelevant information service is offered, and the Internet site is used for the completely commercial purpose with the exception of partial acquirement of profits for the operation of homepage, we can deprive of your membership qualification.

If you have a webpage, and want to be our member, please follow this link. Please register to get our membership, and get free domain name,

   Example : 

  • If you want to be an administrator of DIBO of your country branch,
    we will  provides URL below.
  • If your homepage is not specific to a particular place,
    your homepage URL will be
  • If you run a temple's homepage, or personal homepage,
    your homepage URL will be

If you don't have one, and want to build your hompage related to buddhism,  we will happily provide free domain name and unlimited hard spaces for free.  If you need more details, please contact us.

If you want to be our member, please follow this link, and fill out the registration form.

All services are provided for free, registration for membership, domain name and hard spaces, except some sites for maintenance expenses of  the DIBO.

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